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Brief Description of Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt, capital of the Tenth region (Region de los Lagos), located in front of Seno Relocanví (Reloncaví Inlet); is made up a bay protected on the west by Isla Tenglo (Tenglo Island). It was founded on February 12, 1853 by Vicente Pérez Rosales, in the locality of Melipulli Shipyard (Meli=4 ; pulli=hills). Its present name was given in honour of the President at that time, Manuel Montt. The inhabitants of the place worked mainly on larch explotation.

At present Puerto Montt has 175.000 inhabitants, and as the capital of the region constitutes the link with Eleventh Region (General Carlos Ibañes del Campo) ant the Twelveth Region (Magallanes). Because of its strategic position this city constitutes the starting point to move to the tourist-atractive places in the south in general. In addition, the port links it to the most southern cities, and its International Airport "El Tepual" with the most important air terminals in the country.

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